Metales del PAraguay (Metalpar S.A.) is a family business that focuses on the purchase and export of non-ferrous metals as well as sales to the local market. Founded by Mr. Juliao Gomes da Silva Filho, a brazilian that very young emigrated to Paraguay, starting in 1989 his activities in the sale of recyclable metals. His policy has always been to work with the principles of quality, integrity, reliability and customer satisfaction, values ​​Metalpar SA preserves and values ​​to date making a difference and maintaining a responsible attitude to environmental conservation.
Metalpar S.A. was born after opening a one-man enterprise in Mariano Roque Alonso in 2003, which would later be transformed into a corporation – Metales del Paraguay S.A. in 2005 with headquarters in Asunción, finally moving to Fernando de la Mora in 2008 , where it currently is.